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Music for Inner Journeys, Celebration and Social Justice

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Nitya Bernard Parker a very talented and versatile musician/composer in both his range of instruments and genres. From the subtle and profound primal earthy tones of the Indian classical flute (bansuri) to his powerful sonority on the tenor sax, to the joyous lyrical clarinet, and then also classical and flamenco guitar, as well as singer/song-writer with a passion for the songs of Leonard Cohen, John Lennon etc. 

From New Zealand, of Irish lineage, lives in Canberra where he performs regularly at Beyond Q in Weston Creek.  Performs with various bands such as Mohona, RAMAN, Tapestries of Sound, RUIDO Flamenco and Somebody’s Aunt

MOHONA (Bengali: estuary)… the place where the great rivers meet the ocean…whether turbulent or placid, Mohona is both a beginning and an end…a place of meeting,  convergence and departure… a place where life thrives. Likewise the music of Mohona is a confluence of musical tributaries and currents; four (though currently three) musicians from different parts of the planet now living in Canberra, each bringing their own musical identity and heritage. Indian and western melodies seasoned with sizzling guitar, soaring vocals, pulsating or soothing rhythms and enchanted improvisations. Is music that colours and opens the mind and theheart, music that seeks to celebrate nature, life and friends.

RAMAN: is a delightful, predictably unpredictable improvisational “jazz” ensemble. It consists of the exceptional talents of Raph Wong on piano, Allan Penicook on drums, Alan Lee on bass, Nitya on reeds and flutes and guitarist Mike Mamontov. Immediately apparent is a a unique and special chemistry amongst them.  The colours range from bright and happy, romantic, moody, dark, whacky and fun through to existential questions (what the ...? ).  Along with the jazz styles of swing, bebop, latin, cool and avant garde are also European and Indian classical influences.

TAPESTRIES of SOUND: https://tapestriesofsound.comLed by the homespun, eclectic vocals of Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Tapestries of Sound weaves together Indian ragas, Gaelic and Appalachian melodies on a bed of exquisite rhythms, grooves and epic symphony. Its original songs feature provocative lyrics on themes of social justice and the sublime. Its most recent release is Decolonialise!